New from Potty Racers 4

This is amazing racing type of the game, where you have to cover as big distance as it is possible before your vehicle stops, the more distance you cover the more points you will earn, which will later on help you to get even better upgrades for your vehicle. It is extremely addicting and entertaining as well to play Potty Racers 4, because there are tons of different options and feature available in the game, new upgrades and gadget for your vehicle can help you to go on huge distances and even fly up in the sky!

Most people prefer shooting games, in this case I highly suggest you to play good old classic arcade game Tank Trouble 3. It is remake of old console game Tanks which was extremely popular in 90s.

At the start you have basic and slow potty vehicle, which is weak and doesn’t have any special abilities or gadgets, but don’t worry while you are playing this game you are able to earn money and this money can be later on used in your shop and Potty Racers 4 has impressive shop with so many interesting car parts, upgrades, gadgets, etc. All these expensive upgrades and parts will turn your poor vehicle into a monster machine which is able to cover huge distances before it will run out of power. Like I have said before the more distance you cover the more money you will get, this is main reason why this game is so popular and interesting as well.

So what upgrades does this game have? Good question my friend, let’s take a look on the parts which can be upgraded or even bought and attached to your car:


Wood frame

Lumber wings


Mini gas tank


Each of the following car part above has its own unique upgrades and each of them contain about six different types of upgrades. For example: simple bike wheel can be upgraded to the race wheels, which has far better stats or wood frame can be changed into Nano-tech jet chassis which has better aerodynamic abilities. As you can see there are many different options, to be honest upgrades are main reason why people love this game so much.

Except upgrades Potty Racers 4 allows you to buy tricks as well, there are three different tricks:

1)      First trick (Handstand) allows you to attract power-ups within a 10-foot radius! Price of this trick is 100 gold and it can be activated with a help of your number key 1!

2)      Second trick is called “Superman”, this trick allows you to receive huge boost while you are in the air and it is pretty good feature, this is why price of this trick is 1000 gold. It can be activated with a help of number key 2!

3)      And here we go final trick in the game is called “Dance”, special ability of this trick is enhanced version of the boost and magnet! Cost of this trick is 3000 gold and it can be activated with a help of number key 3!

That is all about tricks, they can be activated with a help of number keys 1-3 and they are awesome indeed, plus they give you boost and ability to collect game power-ups.

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I have almost forgotten to tell you about power-ups of the game and how can they help you, so here we go listen carefully: there are two types of the power-ups in Potty Racers 4, first one is golden star. Picking up these stars can help you to collect money and money is really important here so do your best to get as much as it is possible. Second one is fuel icon; this can help you to increase time of flying which is great, because this way you will be able to cover bigger distance and have more fun. Do you remember tricks? Well these tricks (especially first one) can help you to collect power-ups easily; just don’t forget to activate them while you are in the air!

In the game there are different maps as well, some of the maps are already unlocked others can be unlocked in higher levels when you will get better vehicle. Each map is very beautiful and they all come from popular places, game itself can give you experience of travelling which is one more great feature worth mentioning.

And finally we can talk about controls of the game, which are pretty basic and simple to use. You have arrow keys (left and right) to control your vehicle and keep balance. You have space bar which can trigger turbo acceleration (please use it only while you are in the air). You can also use different tricks with your number keys 1, 2 and 3.

Well, whew… That is all about this amazing flash game, more details can be found in game instructions section, got some ideas or questions? No problem, leave all of them below in comments section and we will do our best to help you.