How to beat Bloxorz Quiz

Aaaaaand I present you world’s most popular puzzle game – Bloxorz! YAY! It is complicated, yet not too hard; all types of gamers will find it entertaining. Developers did really well, author of this flash game is Addicting Games company, they have many other cool games, but this one is my favorite for sure.


Also popularity of unblocked version of the Bloxorz is rising, those who find it hard to play normal version tend to search for hacks and cheats. However, I highly recommend you to play only original version of the game, it is lot more interesting and fun to solve all those mazes and puzzles.

Unlike other fun and simple flash games Bloxorz Unblocked requires from you to think and use logic, this brainteaser game will get you out of your comfort zone and believe me you will enjoy it. Your goal in the game is to solve all puzzles and finish all levels, in order to do it, you will most likely have to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them.

Instructions of the game are quite simple; you have to move your rectangular cube across the board, reach hole at the end of the level and send your cube down in it. It may sound simple, but don’t get tricked, you must calculate your combination and position well, otherwise you won’t be able to succeed. Oh and if your cube falls off from board you lose! Keep that in mind as well!

Best advice which I can give you in case if you get stuck in some levels is that to think outside the box, change position of your cube couple of times, try different ways of approaching hole in the board and I’m pretty sure after couple of mistakes you will find a way. Make mistakes, don’t worry about it, in the end you will find solution from mistakes. You can also use small cheat and visit YouTube where you can find some hints.

Bloxorz level 21

In the end I want to tell you about awesome function of this game, look at the top right corner of the game window where it says: Passcode, now when you want to save progress of your game just remember or better write down this passcode somewhere and next day when you visit menu in the main window of the game choose option load stage and there enter your passcode and hit enter, you will continue from the same stage. Pretty awesome option isn’t it?

I think I’ve told you about everything, rest is up to you, finish all stages of the game and try to make as little amount of moves as it is possible, GL HF. Also if you like flash games try Earn to die for free at