Understating how to play Apple shooter online

Playing online games can be interesting just like playing physical games. Apple Shooter online is one of the interesting online games that allows you practice accuracy, as well as improve your analytical skills. Inspired by Wilhelm Tell, the game has a bow and an arrow with which a player uses to shoot the apple off the head of his friend. Apple shooter is not only entertaining but also very simple to play. People of all ages can play the game although children will find the game amusing. The player must first target the apple and think about the speed with which he can release the arrow to hit only the apple and not the friend. Therefore, the game helps the players to practice shooting accuracy while also helping them improve their analytical skills.

apple shooter

You play the game using the mouse. Once ready to play, you aim the bow with your mouse then press the mouse button to increase the power, and then release the button to shoot. You are supposed to shoot the apple off the head of your friend and not your friend; otherwise, the game will end instantly. If you accurately hit the target, you go to the next level, but if you fail to hit it, the game ends abruptly. You must be very careful when shooting not to hurt your friend because the main aim of the game is to shoot the apple to be able to move to the next level.

Purely the mouse controls the game because it is used to aim the arrow, increase power, and shoot the apple. If you miss shooting the apple even once, the game ends instantly prompting you to begin another one. However, if you successfully shoot the target, you will automatically move to the next higher level. As you progress to the next level, you are placed far away from the target to complicate the game and make it more challenging. So, you can move through all the levels if you have mastered the art of accuracy in shooting the apple without hitting your friend.


While other people find the game interesting, those with poor shooting skills find it boring. For you to enjoy the game, you must take your time and learn your shooting skills. Playing the game very often improves your accuracy because hitting the target gives you the motivation to continue playing the game at the next level. Apple Shooter online is a free game that people can enjoy playing and sharing their experiences with friends. Also you can try another fancy flash game Happy Wheels Full Version by following the link.