How to beat Bloxorz Quiz

Aaaaaand I present you world’s most popular puzzle game – Bloxorz! YAY! It is complicated, yet not too hard; all types of gamers will find it entertaining. Developers did really well, author of this flash game is Addicting Games company, they have many other cool games, but this one is my favorite for sure.


Also popularity of unblocked version of the Bloxorz is rising, those who find it hard to play normal version tend to search for hacks and cheats. However, I highly recommend you to play only original version of the game, it is lot more interesting and fun to solve all those mazes and puzzles.

Unlike other fun and simple flash games Bloxorz Unblocked requires from you to think and use logic, this brainteaser game will get you out of your comfort zone and believe me you will enjoy it. Your goal in the game is to solve all puzzles and finish all levels, in order to do it, you will most likely have to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them.

Instructions of the game are quite simple; you have to move your rectangular cube across the board, reach hole at the end of the level and send your cube down in it. It may sound simple, but don’t get tricked, you must calculate your combination and position well, otherwise you won’t be able to succeed. Oh and if your cube falls off from board you lose! Keep that in mind as well!

Best advice which I can give you in case if you get stuck in some levels is that to think outside the box, change position of your cube couple of times, try different ways of approaching hole in the board and I’m pretty sure after couple of mistakes you will find a way. Make mistakes, don’t worry about it, in the end you will find solution from mistakes. You can also use small cheat and visit YouTube where you can find some hints.

Bloxorz level 21

In the end I want to tell you about awesome function of this game, look at the top right corner of the game window where it says: Passcode, now when you want to save progress of your game just remember or better write down this passcode somewhere and next day when you visit menu in the main window of the game choose option load stage and there enter your passcode and hit enter, you will continue from the same stage. Pretty awesome option isn’t it?

I think I’ve told you about everything, rest is up to you, finish all stages of the game and try to make as little amount of moves as it is possible, GL HF. Also if you like flash games try Earn to die for free at

Understating how to play Apple shooter online

Playing online games can be interesting just like playing physical games. Apple Shooter online is one of the interesting online games that allows you practice accuracy, as well as improve your analytical skills. Inspired by Wilhelm Tell, the game has a bow and an arrow with which a player uses to shoot the apple off the head of his friend. Apple shooter is not only entertaining but also very simple to play. People of all ages can play the game although children will find the game amusing. The player must first target the apple and think about the speed with which he can release the arrow to hit only the apple and not the friend. Therefore, the game helps the players to practice shooting accuracy while also helping them improve their analytical skills.

apple shooter

You play the game using the mouse. Once ready to play, you aim the bow with your mouse then press the mouse button to increase the power, and then release the button to shoot. You are supposed to shoot the apple off the head of your friend and not your friend; otherwise, the game will end instantly. If you accurately hit the target, you go to the next level, but if you fail to hit it, the game ends abruptly. You must be very careful when shooting not to hurt your friend because the main aim of the game is to shoot the apple to be able to move to the next level.

Purely the mouse controls the game because it is used to aim the arrow, increase power, and shoot the apple. If you miss shooting the apple even once, the game ends instantly prompting you to begin another one. However, if you successfully shoot the target, you will automatically move to the next higher level. As you progress to the next level, you are placed far away from the target to complicate the game and make it more challenging. So, you can move through all the levels if you have mastered the art of accuracy in shooting the apple without hitting your friend.


While other people find the game interesting, those with poor shooting skills find it boring. For you to enjoy the game, you must take your time and learn your shooting skills. Playing the game very often improves your accuracy because hitting the target gives you the motivation to continue playing the game at the next level. Apple Shooter online is a free game that people can enjoy playing and sharing their experiences with friends. Also you can try another fancy flash game Happy Wheels Full Version by following the link.

New from Potty Racers 4

This is amazing racing type of the game, where you have to cover as big distance as it is possible before your vehicle stops, the more distance you cover the more points you will earn, which will later on help you to get even better upgrades for your vehicle. It is extremely addicting and entertaining as well to play Potty Racers 4, because there are tons of different options and feature available in the game, new upgrades and gadget for your vehicle can help you to go on huge distances and even fly up in the sky!

Most people prefer shooting games, in this case I highly suggest you to play good old classic arcade game Tank Trouble 3. It is remake of old console game Tanks which was extremely popular in 90s.

At the start you have basic and slow potty vehicle, which is weak and doesn’t have any special abilities or gadgets, but don’t worry while you are playing this game you are able to earn money and this money can be later on used in your shop and Potty Racers 4 has impressive shop with so many interesting car parts, upgrades, gadgets, etc. All these expensive upgrades and parts will turn your poor vehicle into a monster machine which is able to cover huge distances before it will run out of power. Like I have said before the more distance you cover the more money you will get, this is main reason why this game is so popular and interesting as well.

So what upgrades does this game have? Good question my friend, let’s take a look on the parts which can be upgraded or even bought and attached to your car:


Wood frame

Lumber wings


Mini gas tank


Each of the following car part above has its own unique upgrades and each of them contain about six different types of upgrades. For example: simple bike wheel can be upgraded to the race wheels, which has far better stats or wood frame can be changed into Nano-tech jet chassis which has better aerodynamic abilities. As you can see there are many different options, to be honest upgrades are main reason why people love this game so much.

Except upgrades Potty Racers 4 allows you to buy tricks as well, there are three different tricks:

1)      First trick (Handstand) allows you to attract power-ups within a 10-foot radius! Price of this trick is 100 gold and it can be activated with a help of your number key 1!

2)      Second trick is called “Superman”, this trick allows you to receive huge boost while you are in the air and it is pretty good feature, this is why price of this trick is 1000 gold. It can be activated with a help of number key 2!

3)      And here we go final trick in the game is called “Dance”, special ability of this trick is enhanced version of the boost and magnet! Cost of this trick is 3000 gold and it can be activated with a help of number key 3!

That is all about tricks, they can be activated with a help of number keys 1-3 and they are awesome indeed, plus they give you boost and ability to collect game power-ups.

👉 BTW I have answers to the latest popular online game – Guess The Emoji, take a look and of course have some fun 😉 👈

I have almost forgotten to tell you about power-ups of the game and how can they help you, so here we go listen carefully: there are two types of the power-ups in Potty Racers 4, first one is golden star. Picking up these stars can help you to collect money and money is really important here so do your best to get as much as it is possible. Second one is fuel icon; this can help you to increase time of flying which is great, because this way you will be able to cover bigger distance and have more fun. Do you remember tricks? Well these tricks (especially first one) can help you to collect power-ups easily; just don’t forget to activate them while you are in the air!

In the game there are different maps as well, some of the maps are already unlocked others can be unlocked in higher levels when you will get better vehicle. Each map is very beautiful and they all come from popular places, game itself can give you experience of travelling which is one more great feature worth mentioning.

And finally we can talk about controls of the game, which are pretty basic and simple to use. You have arrow keys (left and right) to control your vehicle and keep balance. You have space bar which can trigger turbo acceleration (please use it only while you are in the air). You can also use different tricks with your number keys 1, 2 and 3.

Well, whew… That is all about this amazing flash game, more details can be found in game instructions section, got some ideas or questions? No problem, leave all of them below in comments section and we will do our best to help you.


Let’s Play Cubefield Online

If you love to play games that are both fun and challenging, then the Cubefield is just the game for you! It is a simple and classic game that has proven to be very addictive. This game helps to train and improve your brain skills. These skills include your reaction time, visual perception as well as your concentration just like second part of Gun Mayhem.


This exceptional game has just two controls –the left arrow key control and the right arrow key control. These two controls will help you to guide the ship through a series of obstacles.

To get started with this incredible game all you need to do is follow these simple steps and you will be set.

The first step is to load the cubefield game and then click the button “New Game”. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard so as to guide or steer your ship to avoid the field of various obstacles. These obstacles are merely a field that constitute of colored cubes that never seem to end. You need to be very keen and focus intently on the game. This is because the ship tends to move at a very high speed. The trick is to avoid running into the cubes, otherwise you will be done for and it will be GAME OVER!

The introduction to the Cubefield game is a gentle one. However, its speed goes up very fast. You have to be fully prepared for the fast and bumpy ride.

cubefield online

The screen’s background changes as soon as you begin to progress in this game. You will first observe a foreground that is gray and has a white sky. Shortly, the color tends to change to fluorescent green and black. These sudden changes of color schemes may distract you. You have to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize!

It is very crucial to avoid moving your ship outrageously from right to left across the cubefield. You need to focus your eyes on the path in front of you. This way, you will only make minor right and left adjustments t on the path as the cubes continuously emerge before you.

The cubefield game is an intense but very simple game to play. Most people just last a few seconds when they first try out this incredible game. Well, they say that practice makes perfect right? Dedicate some few minutes to practicing the game and soon you will be a playing like a pro.


Play Happy Wheels full version Now

Play Happy Wheels full version Now
What is Happy wheels full version?

If you’re looking for a bit of side-scrolling action to kill time (and ragdoll characters) you’ve come to the right place. Our game is an animated game with ragdoll physics, and you’ll pilot one of many different characters, including a hobo in a wheelchair and a dad on a bike, with child in tow.

What is the objective?

The objective is simple, get to the end of the custom designed levels. The levels are challenging, and failure to navigate the obstacles will have gory results. The game has it all, custom levels, multiple avatars, blood, guts and other viscera, it is free and you can play it if you visit the official website. More importantly, the controls are easy to get the hang of but hard to master.

How do I play?

To operate your character, click “Play”. You’ll then choose your preferred avatar and try your hardest to get from start to finish without hitting an obstacle. To control your character, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Up arrow is for forward motion, down arrow is for reverse and the left and right keys are used to control which way you lean. Mastering the lean can help you get around some of those nasty obstacles without exploding your guy into a mess. Pressing the space bar will either jump or rocket boost your character, depending on who you’ve chosen and pressing Z will eject your character from its vehicle with results that are often hilarious.

What else can I do?

If you’re a flash game pro you’ve probably beaten all the levels. Why not try your hand at the level editor, where you can create your own map to feed your desire for gore-driven mayhem? You can create really complex levels with an easy to use inbuilt editor and then send your favorite character through to test your creation. Go ahead and try the bloody game now!

P.S. Check second version of Happy Wheels for more fun.

The Ultimate Cubefield Hacked Experience

Cubefield hacked is a simple yet engaging game that will keep you up for hours. The hacked version allows you to continue playing non-stop indefinitely, until you decide it’s time to give it a break. There is virtually nothing between you and the farthest cube you can find. With this new practical, hacked version you will be able to reach the highest level in no time!


  1. Once you enter the game there will be a gray pointed arrow at the bottom-center of the screen and an infinite field of color cubes lying ahead.
  2. The arrow will begin to move at an automatic speed so that’s nothing to worry about; your only concern will be the arrow’s direction.
  3. The objective is to dodge the cubes by moving right and left, following the narrow path, but don’t worry, in the download version you won’t have to start over if you accidentally hit one of them!

Game Controls

  1. Left arrow key: Move arrow to the left
  2. Right arrow key: Move arrow to the right
  3. ‘P’ Key: Pause/Unpause game

Once you get a handle of the game you will notice that after you have passed the first level (area), the words “speed up” will show up on the screen. This means you have successfully completed the first level and the speed at which the arrow is moving forward will increase. Additionally, the theme colors of the game will switch to black background and neon color cubes for the second level, then a white background with black cubes for the third level and so on as you keep advancing throughout the game.

You will notice that the game has a main pattern that repeats itself for each level but yet at a higher speed and using different themes. Other than that, there’s no restriction or limit to the amount of fun and time you can spend playing cubefield unblocked and as well as you can try another funny unblocked game run 3 for free .