Play Happy Wheels full version Now

Play Happy Wheels full version Now
What is Happy wheels full version?

If you’re looking for a bit of side-scrolling action to kill time (and ragdoll characters) you’ve come to the right place. Our game is an animated game with ragdoll physics, and you’ll pilot one of many different characters, including a hobo in a wheelchair and a dad on a bike, with child in tow.

What is the objective?

The objective is simple, get to the end of the custom designed levels. The levels are challenging, and failure to navigate the obstacles will have gory results. The game has it all, custom levels, multiple avatars, blood, guts and other viscera, it is free and you can play it if you visit the official website. More importantly, the controls are easy to get the hang of but hard to master.

How do I play?

To operate your character, click “Play”. You’ll then choose your preferred avatar and try your hardest to get from start to finish without hitting an obstacle. To control your character, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Up arrow is for forward motion, down arrow is for reverse and the left and right keys are used to control which way you lean. Mastering the lean can help you get around some of those nasty obstacles without exploding your guy into a mess. Pressing the space bar will either jump or rocket boost your character, depending on who you’ve chosen and pressing Z will eject your character from its vehicle with results that are often hilarious.

What else can I do?

If you’re a flash game pro you’ve probably beaten all the levels. Why not try your hand at the level editor, where you can create your own map to feed your desire for gore-driven mayhem? You can create really complex levels with an easy to use inbuilt editor and then send your favorite character through to test your creation. Go ahead and try the bloody game now!

Learn how to save money with coupons fast and easy – Schlitterbahn

Shopping is always fun, we all know it can be satisfying and experts say it relieves stress. Most of us just go and buy stuff without thinking about the prices and the possible discounts we may get. There is a more efficient way to get rid of stress. What about a relaxing weekend at a waterpark or a resort that will make you forget about all of your problems? Well it’s time to stop and think for a minute because we found something called Schlitterbahn coupons, and they are a pretty big deal!

schlitterbahn coupon

What is a Schlitterbahn coupon and where to get it?

Schlitterbahn is a big company that has its own water parks and resorts. You can see their presentation by visiting this link If you already know about them there is a big chance you never knew there are coupons that can get you a 10$ discount at their resorts, and that is just one of many coupons you can get. If you want to get one of these you can visit and pick the best one for you.

Why pick Schlitterbahn?

When you decide to spend your money on a fun weekend or a relaxing day at a resort you want to get the best out of it. Well we, just like you, want the same thing. We did some research and searched for the best place we can spend our weekend at. Sure there were some places that looked attractive but Schlitterbahn had something special to it. It’s an amazing place for the whole family and their professional staff will make you feel at home every time you visit.


Exactly how much can you save with these coupons?

That is a good question but we are more than happy to answer it for you! Their All-Day General Admission costs around 40$ and if you buy your ticket online you will get a 2$ discount. But if you follow our instructions you can get that ticket for just 20$! Yeah! A 50% discount! As mentioned earlier go to and find the 50% off deal. The website is very transparent so you should be able to find it with ease. When you find it just click on it, you will get a code that you should copy on checkout and that’s it! That coupon should cost somewhere around 2$. So when you do the math that’s 20$ off your 40$ ticket. And it only takes 3 minutes to obtain. Also if you like spend time at Water parks visit , and get raging waters coupons for free.


The Ultimate Cubefield Hacked Experience

Cubefield hacked is a simple yet engaging game that will keep you up for hours. The hacked version allows you to continue playing non-stop indefinitely, until you decide it’s time to give it a break. There is virtually nothing between you and the farthest cube you can find. With this new practical, hacked version you will be able to reach the highest level in no time!


  1. Once you enter the game there will be a gray pointed arrow at the bottom-center of the screen and an infinite field of color cubes lying ahead.
  2. The arrow will begin to move at an automatic speed so that’s nothing to worry about; your only concern will be the arrow’s direction.
  3. The objective is to dodge the cubes by moving right and left, following the narrow path, but don’t worry, in the download version you won’t have to start over if you accidentally hit one of them!

Game Controls

  1. Left arrow key: Move arrow to the left
  2. Right arrow key: Move arrow to the right
  3. ‘P’ Key: Pause/Unpause game

Once you get a handle of the game you will notice that after you have passed the first level (area), the words “speed up” will show up on the screen. This means you have successfully completed the first level and the speed at which the arrow is moving forward will increase. Additionally, the theme colors of the game will switch to black background and neon color cubes for the second level, then a white background with black cubes for the third level and so on as you keep advancing throughout the game.

You will notice that the game has a main pattern that repeats itself for each level but yet at a higher speed and using different themes. Other than that, there’s no restriction or limit to the amount of fun and time you can spend playing cubefield hacked.